Mobile Turn-key solution

Arkuda Digital offers complete Turn-key Media Network Solution for all your mobile-data needs.

We propose a wireless multimedia software application for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android (smartphones and tablets) devices. It allows users to easily find, stream, share, control remotely, wirelessly and enjoy personal multimedia content such as photos, music, and videos on any DLNA/UPnP/Samsung Link compliant devices connected to their Wi-Fi or home local network. Live audio and video streams such as YouTube can also be played from smartphones to HD TV, MAC, PC, Samsung Link TV, Xbox360/One, PS3 and PS4, or networked music, video systems, other DLNA/UPnP/Samsung Link compliant devices.

The user interface is straightforward and intuitive with the impressive performance that offers complete control of your media files within your Wi-Fi/Ethernet home network.

We have market-proven apps – ArkMC, MCPlayer, MyAudioStream with 2M+ installs and 500K+ active users, built on top on Arkuda Mobile Turn-key Solution.

Share TV channels to different home multimedia screens or devices

Stream photo, video, audio files from any source to any home device

Remote user interface

The remote user interface provides the same functionality as a remote control – you can change channel, change volume, mute, pause etc. But the remote user interface can also provide a keyboard for inputting text, additional settings and information.


Arkuda Digital propose Media Network Solutions for developing products that allow the management, control and playback of multimedia content on digital electronic devices. It is precisely engineered to meet the demands of software applications producers, and developers of embedded software for networked devices.

We can offer an efficient development of a complete new solution from scratch, using our innovative architecture and the latest developments in technology.

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  • Makes itself available for discovery and control in a home network
  • Share/stream/beam media files between UPnP/DLNA/Samsung Link compatible devices
  • DLNA/UPnP/Samsung Link devices integration
  • Supports Chromecast
  • Adaptive streaming support
  • Handles commands from remote UPnP/DLNA/Samsung Link compliant devices such as “pause”, “seek”, “change volume” etc.
  • Works as digital media server, controller, player, renderer
  • Reports “track duration”, “current position” etc. from and to remote devices
  • Windows Media Player “Play-to” support
  • Encodes most media formats
  • Supports Multiple Playback
  • Optional Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound for Digital Entertainment
  • Multitasking
  • Youtube support – have your favorite YouTube menu in your hands with HD quality