Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of every physical device, such as tablets, TVs and wall screens, car media systems and phones, other home electronic devices that connect to the greater web and works together to share information and perform different tasks. All items in the IoT engage in what is called ubiquitous computing and function as storage, servers, players and rendering tools for digital media.

The digital and electronic device industry constantly releases new and better ideas for both home and office use, ever expanding the IoT itself.

Arkuda Digital uses media network technology to create solutions for UpnP/DLNA/Samsung Link compatible devices that can share various forms of media, such as music, photos, images and video, over Wi-Fi and local networks.

The interface we developed allows for smart integration of all components and devices, easy management of media files and is chock full of highly-desired features with more being introduced all the time. We also work to combine devices to deliver smart life services to consumers.

All of this results in a modular style tech solution for clients who need quick and easy integration with existing systems or set up of new systems. The client’s own technologies can also combine with the applications we design to create solutions that fulfill up to 99% of their personal and professional needs. Our experience in the marketplace allows us to create turn-key networks of IoT devices that outperform expectations.

The main goal of our efforts is complete user satisfaction with the solutions we provide. With 2.5 million installations and 500 thousand active users across both existed Android and iOS mobile applications, our statistics demonstrate the level of satisfaction we can offer users.

Arkuda Digital provides the following media network solution for both home and professional use:
  • Fully embedded support across multiple platforms and devices
  • Inclusion with the most popular operating systems for mobile and desktop devices
  • Windows
    Mac OS
  • Ubiquitous connectivity and digital media networks technologies to make smart environment.


The benefits of our home-based IoT devices combined in network systems connections include:
  • Playback on multiple devices: home cinema, HD TV, audio systems, game consoles, car media systems controlled by smartphones, tablets;
  • Online streaming integration with different video platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, IPTV and more;
  • Simultaneous streaming and playback of all media types on multiple network-enabled devices;
  • Support of Dolby Digital Surround Sound options for video playback;
  • Collection and transfer of digital photos, videos and music from any UPnP/DLNA server without the need to copy or transcode the content to stream over a wireless connection;
  • Full streaming capabilities across multimedia devices to any renderers with the UPnP/DLNA/Samsung Link enabled. This includes large list of devices; HD TVs, PS3/4, Xbox 360/One, whole-house media networks etc;
  • Two-way remote control operation for all discovered devices on a home network so everything is intelligently identified automatically and can be controlled for optimum media enjoyment.

Available for download: image003 Arkuda Digital WAMP based Media Network API