Hospitality: Standardized software to help everyone share and stream media in hotels and restaurants.

Hotels and restaurants already have apps for regular customers to find special deals, receive information on new openings and special events, seasonal menus etc. These apps are branded in corporate colours and generally have navigation similar to the corporate website.

Why not extend the experience for guests? If you have the UPnP/DLNA/Samsung Link compliant audio and video equipment, TV`s, wall-screens, audio systems you can offer your guests branded smartphone/tablet app which enables them to play their own music or video content.

Stream personal media content


  • Connect you phone or tablet to Wi-Fi
  • Open app
  • Choose any media (movie, music, video or photo) you need on your phone, tablet or laptop
  • Find & select TV
  • Stream and playback content on TV

You can have your own branded version of Arkuda MyAudioStream or MCPlayer apps – with Dolby Digital or HD Video support as required – in a short time at a very attractive cost.

For more complex AV systems, contact Arkuda to discuss how Arkuda Media Network Solution provides the connectivity between your guest’s mobile devices and your installed AV equipment.

Branded hotel software application could make staying in you hotel more comfortable, improve your customer’s experience and evolve your brand from others.

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